Mar 5, 2010

Resin (Taiwan) Vs. Hearty Air Dry Clay

Have you ever wonder what's the difference between clay of different brands? I've been figuring this when I started to use the Hearty air dry clay to sculpt my miniatures when my Resin (Taiwan) air dry clay was about to finish.

The following points are the differences which I'd found when comparing the miniatures made with these two brands of air dry clays. :) Hope it's helpful to you!

- Weight: Dried Hearty is lighter than Resin clay,
- Coloring: Color application using oil paint is much difficult on dried Hearty clay; the surface is rather rough to use brush to paint the clay and once the color is applied, it's hard to wipe it away. Whereas dried Resin clay is easier to coat oil paint onto it and the paint can be wiped off easier as well.
Dried resin clay is glossier than dried Hearty clay
Hearty clay shinks much more when dried (3rd donut from left) as compared to the undried Hearty (first uncolored donut). The middle donut is made from Resin clay.
 P.S: The differences between both clays were just my personal thoughts & may differ among individuals. Why not experience it yourself, it's interesting & the results may be out of your expectation :)

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