Mar 14, 2010

Mooncake and Baker's Loaves of Bread

Dear readers, 

As I just started my second semester for University, I'll probably update my blog less often til the start of my vacation in August this year. Apologies for that as my course of studies has a tight schdule and there're loads of reports and assignments weekly for me to finish! :X
I'll try to spare some time to update my blog at least once a month =)
Before I get busier, let me show you some miniatures that I've yet to post.
Baked mooncakes

A mistake was made while making the eggs....The undried molded egg pieces were laid on the table (untouched) till it dried. Guess what, sadly, the bottom side of the eggs got flattened abit :( *Brggh...*
Basket of fresh eggs (view 1)
Basket of fresh eggs (view 2)
Here's an overview of different types of bread including loaves of baguette, artisan breads, hotdog buns, chocolate teddy breads etc.! *Drooling...*
An overview of baked goods

Tray of breads and buns
Basket of artisan breads

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