Feb 11, 2010

Honey Glazed Waffles - Valentine 2010

Four more days to Valentine! To this romantic occasion, I've crafted Honey Glazed Waffles companied by Icy Mountain Berry with a tinge of floral note ... Woosh! Cool and Sweeeet! *haha* While describing, I've the urge to 'taste' them.

It took me two days to finish this set of waffles which I called: Berry Love (since pinkish strawberry is the theme for the set?) Anyway the drink was made from trial and errors to get the correct color tone. During my first mixing of color, the pink was too bright and the drink became opaque as I added too much color into the epoxy resin. So I've to redo and yup, I somehow got the impression I want... somehow... though not exactly ... 

Feel free to comment on my handicrafts so I can make improvement ya! :) hee...
This year is special as Chinese Lunar New Year and Valentine fall on the same day :)  Goodies and... awesome time spent together with our love ones! Hereby, I wish you an early Sweety Romantic Chinese New Year!!!  =D 

Cheers! :)