Jun 21, 2010

Necklace, Ring and Keychains :)

Hello all!
After my examination recently, I've attempted to make accessories! But... that doesn't mean I've forsaken my miniature clay art...! *keke* Just that mini clay art needs more time and due to the commitment for school in this two years, the time that I can spare isn't as much as before...

Anyway I've made Angel keychain and earring from Swarovski crystals for my family and close friends! Additionally I've also made a simple necklace with a snowflake pendant, The  chain that I chose to use was a black color cloth-liked material attached with a heart shape loop closure together with a silver chain that allows adjustment of the neckalce length depending on individual's preference. I like it when the crystals sparkle :) Thus when making accessories, I prefer to use Swarovski crystals as they tend to out-sparkle beads made of normal cystal glass :)
Swarovski angel pendent
Swarovski angel keychain
Swarovski snowflake pendent necklace (view 1)
Swarovski snowflake pendant necklace (view 2)
This key chain was specially designed to hang onto my ordinary, all-black color bag which will glisten with little gleams of light and enhance the appearance of my simple bag *Hee* :)
Keychain: Hidden Star (view 1)
Keychain: Hidden Star (view 2)
Keychain: Hidden Star (view 3)

This is the first ring that I made which was decorated with clay flowers, white beads and pink Swarovski crystals that brought forth elegance to it. I'm still a beginner to jewelry making but hope its still pleasing to your eye! *Hee* :)
Twinkle ring: Pinkish Delight (view 1)
Twinkle ring: Pinkish Delight (view 2)
Sweet pointers to determine if the crystals are made of genuine Swarovski crystals as some shop tends to sell beads that mimic Swarovski crystals:

1. Normal glass beads are dull and does Not capture the light, thus does glister very well.

2. Fake crystal beads have tiny bubles present in it.

3. Swarovski® crystals are perfectly uniform. Since they are machine cut, each crystal is the same. Thus the height, width and slope are consistent. However normal glass beads will Not have such uniform cut.

 4. Look for the original Swarovski® packaging. Dependant on size, the bulk packages will range from 10 gross to 1/2 gross, in well-branded, sealed envelopes. The newest Swarovski® bulk packaging is sealed with an authenticated silver toned hologram saying "CRYSTALIZED."

 5. Generally, Swarovski® crystals are not strung when offered for sale.

Hope this informations is helpful! Turning in soon... Nitez everyone~! :)