Jan 17, 2010

Blessed New Year to All!

A blessed new year to you! 
It has been a busy busy year since my school term started and thus did not have time to sculpt miniatures and hence not much updates for my post... Apologies for that to all my readers... :C 

Thankfully, it's the period of my internship now which means I've got spare time for miniature making! :D 

It got me some time to familarise all the steps of making miniatures....  And the chinese saying ''熟能生巧'' (meaning practice make perfect) has always been on my mind that motivated me to never give up for failed attempts on miniature making! haha :)

These are the type of breads which I've made.

Scrambled-egg with lettuce and mayonnaise bread
Loaves of Baguette and Crunchy Star-Cookies
Shannie :)