Feb 14, 2012

My First Online Shop is OPEN! :)

Hello People! 

This week is indeed a good start for me! Yesterday I was so happy when I found that I actually won a gift through a gift-away contest (MyMemories - a Scrapbook Software) hosted by Stephanie from PetitPlat. :) 
It was my first time joining this type of contest online and so I was surprised and overjoyed to see my name on the list as the gift-away winner! *haha* Thanks Stephanie! 

Leaving that aside, if you could remember, I mentioned something about my opening my first online shop this week! :) Yes! Today, Valentine's Day, I joyfully announce that the Maison de la Miniature online shop at Etsy is now OPEN! =D

Oh, I also realised that my Etsy account was created last year Nov but *haha* only got it ready just today... Well, at least it's still open, isn't it? *hee* 
I gladly welcome you to stop by my little online shop! and if you do have feedback, please feel free to inform me! :)

Did I mention before that I like Swarovski crystal alot? I enjoy twirling the bright, fresh colouring Swarovski crystals on my hand and see them sparkling so brilliantly! So for most of my jewelry creations, you will probably see Swarovski crystals in it *hee*:)
This is my lastest necklace creation that I designed with Swarovski Crystal Helios Pendant. This exquisite pendant shimmers in lovely pastel sparkles with every movement due to its iridescent coating on the back of it. It's now available in my online shop! :)

Twinkle Necklace:  Featuring a dazzling Swarovski Crystal Helios Pendant.
With iridescent coating, the crystal reflects light in lovely pastel sparkles.

So glad that I've cleared some of my 'to-do list'. And now it's time to get back to making more miniatures! Umm... this time I shall challenge myself to making miniature cakes! I've never sculpt this before *haha* Hopefully the result will be desirable...! :)

Stay tune...! :)

Have a sweet and lovely Valentine's Day with your loved ones! :)


Feb 8, 2012

Setting Up My First Online Shop :)

Dear readers,

Valentine's Day is just near the corner! :) Are you busy baking cookies or making gifts for your loved ones? haha... Well, other than making macarons, I've been setting up my online shop on Etsy since last week, and is still progressing... :) Being my first online shop, I've to do some read up; the set-up procedure, terms and conditions,etc., take ''visible'' miniature photos. Given my photography skills, my pictures either turn out under/over exposed or can't get the focus right. So I've to take a little more time to get pictures which are along the 'OK' quality, *haha*.

Many ideas on miniature designs are in my mind...! but as I hope to finish setting up my online shop by this week, handcrafting has to be put on hold first. :X

By the way, I've added a Page in Facebook! You may want to take some time to have a looK. :)

Blessed week to you ahead! :)
P.S: Come back soon for new miniature creations! :)

Feb 1, 2012

Indulge in Macarons this Valentine!

Macarons, macarons and macarons...! I've been making down-sized macarons (not round, but heart shape) for Valentine's day since it's near the corner :)
However being the first time making miniature macarons, I actually took many days to make them; doing experiments with different clays, getting the correct colour tone before they became desirable :X

Here it is, an overview of the many macarons laying around; the colorful macarons on the top left were the first and second batches, followed by the third batch of macarons (pink and purple color) on the bottom right, which were more desirable, waiting to be filled with buttercream... :) 
Overview of heart-shape macarons to be filled with buttercream
Close-up view of the 'passed' macarons

After some degree of  'quality checks', these were the failed macarons with undesirable texture and tone of color... Haven't thought of what to do about them but the effect of putting them together like this,
Overview of the 'failed' macarons
Close-up view of the 'failed' macarons
has put on a smile on my face :) I like the combination which gave a rainbow color effect! *Hee*

At different angles, the macarons filled with buttercream look like that:
Pink and purple macarons (front view)
Pink and purple macarons (top view)
Pink and purple macarons (side view)
I also decorated a mini box to put these lovely macarons in it!
Self-decorated transparent box for macarons
Self-decorated transparent box for macarons (front view)
Last but not least... In the world of miniatures, I think crafted items will be better if it's useful! Hence I've transformed the heart-shape macarons to something wearable - earrings! :)
Dessert earrings: A pair of sweet macaron earrings
Dessert earrings: A pair of sweet macaron earrings (front view)
Well this isn't all... *haha* I'm making more macarons of different colors and flavours! 
Hope you like what I've made so far! :)

Bon appétit!