Jul 21, 2009

Baked Goods & Donuts for High Tea!

My first set of baked goods companied by a glass of refreshing lemon tea. Woosh! Isn't it a perfect set for teabreak? 0.^
!_! I'm craving for cheesecake while typing this post now...

Purplish floral background furnished with 
Ice cream tarts of various favorites!

P.S: ''Thanks'' to my ''wonderful'' camera shooting skills, I always think that my miniature pictures weren't clear enough :X Dear readers, pardon me for the poor-quality photographs for now ya...  I'm not a good photographer but still hope to have snapshots that are clear and sharp pictures for my miniatures!

I'll be very glad to receive advices from you for better shooting skills :)

Stay Cheerful!

Jul 20, 2009

Unique Pastry - Kürtöskalács

I went to Food Fest at Takashimaya and found a new pastry in town. It was such a pity that I didn't bring my camera along to take the unique process of how it was made.
Anyway that was the Chimney cake, has any one tried that before? It looks something like this: From my research, this bread is also known as Kürtöskalács, a Hungarian traditional pastry and origins in Transylvania.
From what I saw, the dough was rolled around a wooden spool and coated with sugar then turned around open oven. The sugar is caramelized during heating and thus coating can be done then. *Aroma* Coating include cinnamon, oreo, or almonds.

keke I'm a ''bread'' person who can fill my stomach just with breads for the entire day! haha, curiousity led me to try it, of cause! I chose cinnamon, it was hot & crunchy and not too sweet. Yummie! I felt it was kinda healthy as the dough was mixed with nuts, raisins etc ... Though the process seems simple, I think it's creative =D
Anyway I've checked online and found that they'll be selling this pastry during S'pore River Festival on 17-26 July 2009 @ Read Bridge-Clarke Quay. So if you're interested, do try it out! =)


Jul 14, 2009

Commencement of the House of Miniatures....!

Hello all!   
Finally this blog is set up specially for sharing of miniatures & foods!
I like miniatures alot and collect them! Dollhouse miniatures such as Sylvanian Family, MegaHouse; Re-ment collectables,  and sculpted foods made from clay! Whenever I see them, I've the urge to buy them! hee... (@_@)
As a matter of fact, I've never tried sculpting my own miniatures :X Until the day when I passed by a shop where miniature-crafting classes were available! I was so excited and thought to myself, ''other than collecting, why not sculpt miniatures out of my own creativity?'' And so I attended the basic lesson and from then, I self-learn to sculpt miniatures such papaya, other fruits and vegetables (as shown below). 
Since this is just the start of my miniature-crafting journey, there is so much for me to explore, create, and improve!

Here are some pictures of my hand-sculpted miniatures!

After many failed-attempts, finally the (direct translation = ''chrysanthemum bun'') was successfully made! -.-'' Phew...! Umm... oh well...just a little note, this bun was not filled with chrysanthemum but yam paste... hee... ^-^
This is my first pair of sliced-papaya which I was very satisfied! Especially since it was made from my very first attempt! :D
Round, chewy and rollable oneh-oneh made from air dry resin clay.  (oops.. if you realised, due to my carelessness, I'd contaminated the oneh-oneh with bit of red spot... :X)
Japanese Dango
P.S: The dango on the extreme left was beautifully done by my younger niece :)
Hi-tea set: Assorted buns, ''Ang Ku Kueh'' (红龟糕), peach-shaped buns
Scrambled-egg with lettuce sandwich
Basket of pinkish strawberries

Basket of pinkish strawberries

This basket of strawberries were purposely made pinkish rather than red, to look kind of dollhouse play-set. It took me quite some time to finish. I started with rubbing the desired color into the clay, mold it to resemble a strawberry. This process was still alright as the more I shape it,  the more easier it became. It was the parocess of making the leaves that was tedious; where both my eyes were about to meet at the centre :X
To make the leaf, I actually joined each individual molded green tear-drop piece together.... Though tiring, but as usual, after completion I was delighted and every crafting process is worthwhile afterall! :)
I would love to hear your comments on my handicrafts which would inspire me to better creations! :) 

May you have a good day ahead! :D