Jul 20, 2009

Unique Pastry - Kürtöskalács

I went to Food Fest at Takashimaya and found a new pastry in town. It was such a pity that I didn't bring my camera along to take the unique process of how it was made.
Anyway that was the Chimney cake, has any one tried that before? It looks something like this: From my research, this bread is also known as Kürtöskalács, a Hungarian traditional pastry and origins in Transylvania.
From what I saw, the dough was rolled around a wooden spool and coated with sugar then turned around open oven. The sugar is caramelized during heating and thus coating can be done then. *Aroma* Coating include cinnamon, oreo, or almonds.

keke I'm a ''bread'' person who can fill my stomach just with breads for the entire day! haha, curiousity led me to try it, of cause! I chose cinnamon, it was hot & crunchy and not too sweet. Yummie! I felt it was kinda healthy as the dough was mixed with nuts, raisins etc ... Though the process seems simple, I think it's creative =D
Anyway I've checked online and found that they'll be selling this pastry during S'pore River Festival on 17-26 July 2009 @ Read Bridge-Clarke Quay. So if you're interested, do try it out! =)


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