Jul 14, 2009

Commencement of the House of Miniatures....!

Hello all!   
Finally this blog is set up specially for sharing of miniatures & foods!
I like miniatures alot and collect them! Dollhouse miniatures such as Sylvanian Family, MegaHouse; Re-ment collectables,  and sculpted foods made from clay! Whenever I see them, I've the urge to buy them! hee... (@_@)
As a matter of fact, I've never tried sculpting my own miniatures :X Until the day when I passed by a shop where miniature-crafting classes were available! I was so excited and thought to myself, ''other than collecting, why not sculpt miniatures out of my own creativity?'' And so I attended the basic lesson and from then, I self-learn to sculpt miniatures such papaya, other fruits and vegetables (as shown below). 
Since this is just the start of my miniature-crafting journey, there is so much for me to explore, create, and improve!

Here are some pictures of my hand-sculpted miniatures!

After many failed-attempts, finally the (direct translation = ''chrysanthemum bun'') was successfully made! -.-'' Phew...! Umm... oh well...just a little note, this bun was not filled with chrysanthemum but yam paste... hee... ^-^
This is my first pair of sliced-papaya which I was very satisfied! Especially since it was made from my very first attempt! :D
Round, chewy and rollable oneh-oneh made from air dry resin clay.  (oops.. if you realised, due to my carelessness, I'd contaminated the oneh-oneh with bit of red spot... :X)
Japanese Dango
P.S: The dango on the extreme left was beautifully done by my younger niece :)
Hi-tea set: Assorted buns, ''Ang Ku Kueh'' (红龟糕), peach-shaped buns
Scrambled-egg with lettuce sandwich
Basket of pinkish strawberries

Basket of pinkish strawberries

This basket of strawberries were purposely made pinkish rather than red, to look kind of dollhouse play-set. It took me quite some time to finish. I started with rubbing the desired color into the clay, mold it to resemble a strawberry. This process was still alright as the more I shape it,  the more easier it became. It was the parocess of making the leaves that was tedious; where both my eyes were about to meet at the centre :X
To make the leaf, I actually joined each individual molded green tear-drop piece together.... Though tiring, but as usual, after completion I was delighted and every crafting process is worthwhile afterall! :)
I would love to hear your comments on my handicrafts which would inspire me to better creations! :) 

May you have a good day ahead! :D