Feb 14, 2012

My First Online Shop is OPEN! :)

Hello People! 

This week is indeed a good start for me! Yesterday I was so happy when I found that I actually won a gift through a gift-away contest (MyMemories - a Scrapbook Software) hosted by Stephanie from PetitPlat. :) 
It was my first time joining this type of contest online and so I was surprised and overjoyed to see my name on the list as the gift-away winner! *haha* Thanks Stephanie! 

Leaving that aside, if you could remember, I mentioned something about my opening my first online shop this week! :) Yes! Today, Valentine's Day, I joyfully announce that the Maison de la Miniature online shop at Etsy is now OPEN! =D

Oh, I also realised that my Etsy account was created last year Nov but *haha* only got it ready just today... Well, at least it's still open, isn't it? *hee* 
I gladly welcome you to stop by my little online shop! and if you do have feedback, please feel free to inform me! :)

Did I mention before that I like Swarovski crystal alot? I enjoy twirling the bright, fresh colouring Swarovski crystals on my hand and see them sparkling so brilliantly! So for most of my jewelry creations, you will probably see Swarovski crystals in it *hee*:)
This is my lastest necklace creation that I designed with Swarovski Crystal Helios Pendant. This exquisite pendant shimmers in lovely pastel sparkles with every movement due to its iridescent coating on the back of it. It's now available in my online shop! :)

Twinkle Necklace:  Featuring a dazzling Swarovski Crystal Helios Pendant.
With iridescent coating, the crystal reflects light in lovely pastel sparkles.

So glad that I've cleared some of my 'to-do list'. And now it's time to get back to making more miniatures! Umm... this time I shall challenge myself to making miniature cakes! I've never sculpt this before *haha* Hopefully the result will be desirable...! :)

Stay tune...! :)

Have a sweet and lovely Valentine's Day with your loved ones! :)


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