Mar 5, 2012

Buzz...Where's my honey???

Here are the some miniature Honey Bee Cupcakes! Though they were not a whole miniature ''cake'' that I mentioned in my previous post, yet, looking at these cute little buzzing creatures I thought that it could be a good idea to start making them first! :D
Having more spare time now, I tend to drop by the library more frequently and browse books on baking (if I didn't mntion before, I do like to bake! *haha*). Recently I got to learn more about the techniques of using ready-to-roll icing (sugar) to sculpt beautiful flowers and to decorate cakes that makes you 'wow!' at the finished product! 
One of the books that I like is the 'Planet Cake' by Paris Cutler'. This book shows extremely gorgeous cupcakes (edible) mainly from (RTR) icing. :)

I was so fascinated with their cakes- wonderfully designed and made! However since currently I am not able to bake at home (no baking oven :X) , I decided to make a down-scale replica of the cupcakes from air dry clay *hee* :D 

Here are the honey bees, busy buzzing looking for some honey! Do you have any?? :)
Mini Honey Bee Cupcakes: ''Spot me among the giants...!''

For a closer look: Mini Honey Bee Cupcake
However being the first time making miniature bee cupcakes from clay, I was not very satisfied with the final product. I had some difficulty rolling the clay manually with a rolling pin to a standard thickness. Moreover, the eyes were so small than usual that I tend to mix the black and white colour together, which resulted in grey colour pair of eyes. *haha* 
Hence I prepared the second batch to try again til I get them in better colour and 'shape'! :)
Second Batch: 'Bare' Mini Honey Bee Cupcakes
To add on, for the past weeks, I'd made some Heart Macarons rhodium earrings of different colours and sizes - Sunshine Yellow & Zesty Green. They are now available in my online shop! :)
Dessert Earrings: Sunshine Yellow
Dessert Earrings: Zesty Green
Have a great week ahead! :)

Showing up soon: Scrabble Tiles Pendant :)