Feb 8, 2012

Setting Up My First Online Shop :)

Dear readers,

Valentine's Day is just near the corner! :) Are you busy baking cookies or making gifts for your loved ones? haha... Well, other than making macarons, I've been setting up my online shop on Etsy since last week, and is still progressing... :) Being my first online shop, I've to do some read up; the set-up procedure, terms and conditions,etc., take ''visible'' miniature photos. Given my photography skills, my pictures either turn out under/over exposed or can't get the focus right. So I've to take a little more time to get pictures which are along the 'OK' quality, *haha*.

Many ideas on miniature designs are in my mind...! but as I hope to finish setting up my online shop by this week, handcrafting has to be put on hold first. :X

By the way, I've added a Page in Facebook! You may want to take some time to have a looK. :)

Blessed week to you ahead! :)
P.S: Come back soon for new miniature creations! :)


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  2. Hi! I found you through Petitplat and saw you had a blog too. I've only just opened a shop on Etsy myself!
    I enjoy working with polymer clay, but I've only just started :)
    Love your creations!
    Looking forward to following your posts x