Mar 5, 2010

Berries Hopping Waffles!

Dear readers,

I just bought a rabbit waffle mold which got from online! Like it so much as I didn't see this type of waffle shape :D Anyway I thought of making a series of mini waffles of different shapes (already did the heart shape waffles). I'm using Hearty air dry clay this time round which doesn't stick to the mold as much than the Resin air dry clay I used previously.
However the coloring process really requires that extra patience... As I mentioned before, I think Hearty was quite difficult to be painted especially after the clay has dried. I wasted my first rabbit waffle as the color became too dark=failed product.  Initially I thought the coloring process would be similar to that of how I painted other types of clay. But I was wrong... The color became darker and was difficult to be wiped off for repaint; even if I used moist towel to wipe away the coat, it was still unsuitable to be repainted. Thus for my second attempt I tried to paint it in a different way, though the result was still not to satisfactory, yet still better than the first *hehe*. 

I snapshot process of making the decorated waffles different stages in case I might ruin the whole plate of waffles at any point of time; especially during the process of doing the 'strawberry topping which I usually don't get a nice natural flow *Ooops*...
Here they are! :)
1. I decorated the white plate with slices of orange and lemon
2. Whipped the cream and placed slices of strawberries at the side of the dish
Wow! Lastly,
3. Topped the waffles with strawberry sauce to sweeten the plate of hopping waffles!!
Ta da...! There you go...
100% Non-Fat Dessert for the day! *Sweeeet*!
Hope this plate of Berries Hopping Waffles sweeten your day ahead..!! :D


  1. Genial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, me ha encantado tu postre, te ha quedado precioso.
    besitos ascension

  2. Thank you! I'm so glad that you liked them! =D

  3. Delicious and cute! I love the shape of the waffles :-)