Mar 1, 2010

Arrival of Miniatures & Recollection of Good Old Days!

Hello all!

I've been waiting for the news of the arrival of my purchased miniatures since umm... mid of January this year. I was thrilled at the thought of receiving bags of miniature from my friend who came back from overseas yesterday! =D
This is also the week of my start of holiday since my last day of industrial attachment ended last Friday (26 Feb). So my mood is like ‘high up to the sky’ now! *hahaha*
Woke up around noon time (well...I know I sleep a lot :X), and started to unpack the bags of miniature, check the stocks, arrange them accordingly, and at the same time, admiring those miniatures!
Wow..Looking at these items just put a big grin on my face! :D
 The sewing machine is my favourite! It’s so small and when put next to a real one, doesn’t it look like a giant vs. dwarf? I remember my house used to have this similar model of sewing machine but was thrown away, kind of an antique to me...
Purchased miniature kitchen wares (view 1)
Purchased miniature kitchen wares (view 2)
Purchased miniature kitchen wares (view 3)
Mini antique sewing machine
While taking pictures of the miniature kitchen wares, I realised I had a wooden dollhouse furnished with furnitures which were keptat a corner of my house for a long time (about one or two years ago?) Anyway that was fixed by my best friend and I. First handmade dollhouse! :D We bought the pack of premeasured wooden pieces to build the dollhouse (photos as shown below). We polished the uneven parts, organised (as there were plenty of them laying messily in the pack) and glue the wooden pieces accordingly :) I remember that day we immediately unwrapped the package when we reached home and enthusiastically spent the whole night fixing the dollhouse! *thumbs up!* :D
Since the dollhouse was kept at a corner for some time, the plastic bag wrapped around the dollhouse and furnitures was kind of dusty =M.
I took them out of the plastic bag and found yellow stains/spots on some parts, =( not a good sign ya... Nevertheless, I wiped it and arranged the wooden furnitures around, trying to decorate the inadequately furnished house. Of cause, without the paint and decoration, this little house doesn't look that cozy. So I tried to furnish it with remaining handmade wooden furnitures, to make it as attractive as possible :)

Hopefully it has gone up a little higher level of standard..! Hee..
Front view of my handmade dollhouse
Back view of my handmade dollhouse
Kitchen on the right side of the dollhouse
Overview of the furnished handmade dollhouse
Living room of the dollhouse
Furnished kitchen of the dollhouse with plates of waffles and icy drink
Tea cozy corner with mini wooden high chair


  1. gal angela here. the sewing machine is u do de?

  2. Hey Angela!
    hmm nope that was imported from oversea :)

  3. you have an amazing pair of hands! love your work!!